Allan and Janet W.

Allan and Janet W.


Allan and Janet W.

We recently learned that we would be relocating our family from Denver to Houston for our job, which is the third time we have moved between States. Given our prior experience we were well aware of the stress and anxiety that accompanies the process of selling our home. That being said, we knew one of the most important decisions we had to make was choosing the right real estate agent. We selected Paul Sobania; we made the right decision!

Paul's attention to detail, sense of urgency, ability to listen and understand our needs, patience and honesty, were just a few of the attributes he offered in supporting us. His ability to be there every time we had a question or concern, giving us his undivided attention throughout, and offering his guidance along the way made us feel that he represented us as friends, family, not as an "agent". I sincerely feel that he cared more about our welfare than his own; something that in today's world is hard to say.

Equal to his exceptional customer service was his subject matter expertise. Regardless of how many times we move, the process is always quite intimidating with all the contracts and legalities. Paul clearly knew his business and more important, clearly communicated everything to us!

Our only disappointment was that Paul wouldn't take our recommendation and move his business to Texas with us. Paul, thank you for your support!


The Watters' Family